Hour of Code 2015 & Beyond

Last week once again all of MES students joined millions of students worldwide in completing an Hour of Code.  Along with the code.org tutorials, the students participated in a variety of activities.  Yes, they truly enjoyed the Star Wars and Minecraft themes and for an hour, the puzzle format worked well and was useful for learning basic computing concepts.  However, I want to see my students do more then logic puzzles.  I want them to develop a passion for what is most exciting about learning to code, to be able to create and self expression.  That is why we always take it further.  Today, my FAME Tinkering Dojo, did just that.  Check out the pictures of our Interactive Zoo.  We used WEDO to build some our animals, we research their habitat and recreated it for them, we wrote our programs in Scratch and then with some of the animals, we used our Makey Makeys to invent new ways to interact with our creations.

Tinkering Dojo's Interactive Zoo, created during the winter 2015 session
Tinkering Dojo’s Interactive Zoo, created during the winter 2015 session

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