Our Kids Digital Lives

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When we think of ourselves and our kids online, playing games, texting on the cell and streaming music, some may refer to this as their “digital life” but to our kids, it just their life. Different from their parents, this generation lives in a world that is 24/7 connected. This is why all of January and through out the year, I am teaching Digital Citizenship. Children need to learn early how to make good choices so they can take advantage of the powerful technologies available to them.
Common Sense Media says it best “The stakes are high because our kids’ technological abilities can be greater than their maturity and judgment. Having unrestricted access to information and people can result in gaining a wealth of information and experiences. But it can also mean accessing inappropriate content and making inappropriate contact with others. The difference between a great experience and an iffy one lies in the decisions kids make. Just as kids learn to eat properly, swim safely, or drive a car carefully, they need to know how to live in the digital world responsibly and respectfully. Their ultimate success depends on their abilities to use digital media to create, collaborate, and communicate well with others. Those who master these skills in using digital tools will benefit from the digital world’s awesome power.”

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